A Guaranteed Cash Offer on Your Short Sale within 72 hours.

I personally guarantee in writing you will receive a written offer on your property within 72 hours. This is a no nonsense offer that I make to all those that are suffering from a short sale dilemma. I will not entice you into a long marketing period with little hope of an offer and less than an eight percent likelihood of ever selling your home. This is no time to be on the market for months with no offer in sight.

My approach is built on two fundamentals of any short sale success. First, an all cash offer in 72 hours from a buyer with proof of funds at the time the offer is presented to you. Starting the short sale process will not automatically stop the lender from starting the foreclosure process. However, it may convince a lender to postpone a foreclosure while the negotiations continue.

Second, a professional negotiation team with a proven tract record of short sale success will start negotiation for you immediately. The California Association of Realtors statistics indicate an 8% success rate in closing short sales. Our short sale experts have a 58% success rate in short sales closings. If necessary the team is prepared to get all junior note holders to agree to the payoff.

In conclusion, we provide an expert program which includes:

  1. All-cash buyer and professional negotiation team
  2. No marketing time, open houses, signs or strangers walking through your home
  3. Cash offer within 72 hours with verified funds
  4. Bona fide offer which starts bank negotiations immediately
  5. Buyer that will still be in place and waits as long as necessary
  6. Professional short sale team handles the negotiation
  7. Skilled experts get both note holders to agree on 2nd trust deed payoff
  8. You can leave it to our experienced professionals to conduct the short sale negotiations with the banks
  9. Professional negotiators have developed relationships with bank supervisors to expedite the process
  10. A streamlined documentation process that makes the paperwork very simple
  11. Regular communication of progress
  12. Seller has peace of mind

If you need assistance with a short sale, simply provide the required information below. I will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to discuss the program.

This is a FREE appointment and is at no cost or with no obligation.

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